Head Nr.3 – The Ornate / Digital Sculpture

No matter how gloriously looks on the outside, it can be empty and shattered inside.
Head Nr.3 – The Ornate / 3D Digital Sculpture
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Includes unlockable content (Teaser Video)


Are we actually all biological machines working mechanically? Do we have any difference from a car that drinks some gas, converts it into energy, and throws it out after using it?

Our feelings are the masks we wear. Some of us may have a colorful mask in this life. The masks of some of us may be colorless or even made of metal or wood. Does it matter?

It doesn’t matter how your mask looks. In fact, your mask is your soul. The important thing is how you feel with that mask and being able to accept yourself %100.

Always choose a mask that suits you best and enjoy being with it as long as your mechanical heart works.