Astral Recreational Activities

A concept art NFT collection by Spuk_ka

 Physical objects, distance and time are no barriers to astral activities. 

• 10 pieces total,

• Fixed price: 0.07 ETH

• Handcrafted (not randomly generated),

• 3D designed NFTs

All artworks designed and rendered with Blender, edited in Adobe Photoshop.

4096px X 4096px JPG NFTs

The main idea

The idea of this project emerged with the existence of an alternative universe and the adaptation of recreational activities in our universe to the alternative universe.

The alternate universe has an atmosphere, and the skins of humanoids have developed as metallic with this atmosphere. Gravity  is stronger than that of the earth, but humanoids are capable of levitation. They have pets. They like music, racing, dancing and camping like us.

Behind the scenes

Hair modeling is done in Blender for the character in Activity #06 in the video below describing the construction of the project.

And this gif shows clay renders of activity #4.

CyberSh4rk V1 (available on Activity #4)

Inspired by sharks, modeled in Blender using hard surface modeling techniques over 8 hours of work.

Move the slider to see clay and textured renders.